Smart Developer Hub provides insights about the performance of software development teams by generating quantitative and qualitative metrics based on metadata gathered from ALM tools that are used in the organization's development process.

The Smart Developer Hub platform has been designed with extensibility and interoperability in mind in order to facilitate the integration of heterogeneous ALM tools and the provision of tool-independent metrics.

Software Developer Team Performance Analysis using Linked Data

To facilitate the consumption of the data provided by heterogeneous ALM tools, the Smart Developer Hub platform (a.k.a. SDH platform) standardizes the data access mechanism as well as the data model (a.k.a. SDH vocabulary) and format used for the exchange of the data within the platform, using the web as a platform and leveraging standards such as the LDP, RDF, and OWL W3C recommendations and the OSLC initiative from OASIS.

In particular, the SDH platform promotes the integration of ALM tools using LDP-aware adapters that enable exposing the tools' data as Linked Data defined using a common vocabulary (i.e., the SDH vocabulary) that is exchanged using a common format (i.e., RDF serialiations).

To facilitate the consumption of this distributed information graph the SDH platform provides the Agora, which exploits the SDH vocabulary for creating search plans that define how to traverse this distributed Linked Data graph in order to retrieve the required data.

The Smart Developer Hub metric services leverage the search plans provided by the Agora to retrieve and process the information required to calculate the different measurements. These measurements are then stored in the form of service-specific internal data marts.

Finally, the SDH platform offers a set of customizable dashboards to visualize the metrics via different widgets. These dashboards, which are adapted to the profile of user within the organization, allow selecting the time range of interest, adjusting automatically the metrics values shown according to the selected time range.

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